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We are the leaders in golf impact screens, golf enclosures and golf simulators
We make golf screens for Optishot, Skytrak, Trugolf, Protee, Net Return and P3proswing**
Each Golf Impact Screen comes with:
120 x 108  supertex screen
12-16 adjustable straps ( depends on size )
Velcro to hold pipe inserts in place
3 Callaway practice balls
full color directions
limited 6 month warranty What makes our golf impact screens the best? We do not use grommets! NEVER BUY A SCREEN WITH GROMMETS! They will always end up tearing out and/or ripping. We use a patented sleeve system that allows for a pvc pipe to slide into the sleeve. This creates a nice smooth border around the golf screen and takes the tension off of the material. The strapS wrap around the pvc, not the golf screen material. NEVER USE BALL BUNGEES to hang a screen. They end up putting too much stress on the screen. We use 3/4 inch adjustable straps that can easily be loosened or tightened.
GOLF SCREENSUPERTEXPOLY 9 OZ SEAMLESSYESYES IMAGE QUALITYBESTGOOD LITTLE GRAIN DURABILITYGOODBEST STRENGTHGOODBESTIf you want a golf impact screen to double as a home theater, stick with the Supertex. If you want a commercial screen that can take alot of play, go with the Polyester. Both golf impact screens can take a real golf ball and carry a 6 month LIMITED warranty.
STOCK SCREEN SIZES 96 X 96 96 X 108 108 X 108 120 X 96 120 X 108 132 X 96 132 X 108 144 X 96 144 X 108We can do custom sizes as well. We can make screens for Net Return, Trugolf, Skytrak, P3proswing and Optishot.
DISCLAIMER on GOLF IMPACT SCREENS** We take pride in the quality of our golf screens. All of our golf screens are made right here in America. We use a domestic fabric supplier that has been in business for over 50 years. We make them all in house and do not out source anything. Of course, when you are hitting a golf ball into a screen at 100+ mph, a defect may occur. Please contact us first to address any screen issues you may have.  WHY OUR GOLF IMPACT SCREENS ARE THE BEST
Spectrum Golf has done extensive research and testing on golf impact screens. Most Golf impact screens utilize grommets and elastic ball bungees to hang the golf impact screen. This is a poor method to use in hanging golf impact screens. Grommets, no matter how heavy duty they are will eventually pull and tear. The golf impact screen material is strong but the constant pull on the grommet will eventually rip. We have tried several layers of webbing in the golf screen and it still tears. Using grommets on golf impact screens create
waves ? on the edges and sides of the golf impact screen. Not very clean looking when you are playing. We uses a padded pvc frame on our golf simulator screens that create a nice smooth frame around the golf screen. The elimination of ball bungees and the use of adjustable straps makes adjusting the tension on the golf screen quick. If you want to loosen for playing golf and tighten when watching a movie, it can easily be done on our golf simulator screens.
HANGING GOLF SCREEN We have designed a hanging golf impact screen that have sleeves on top and bottom with triple hemmed sides.This allows a pipe to be run through the sleeve in the golf screen on the top and bottom. We provide the end caps with eye hooks to hang from ceiling. This golf simulator screen can be draped on floor or secured. The golf screen comes in 120 x 108 and 144 x 108. Custom size golf screens are available.
SEWN IN STRAP GOLF SIMULATOR SCREEN For smaller golf screen applications, we have a tripled hemmed golf screen with double sewn in straps on all 4 sides. This golf screen has 1 inch hem on all 4 sides and comes with 12 adjustable straps ( 18 inch ).
KNOTCHED GOLF SIMULATOR SCREEN Our extremely popular screen frame uses a knotched golf screen that has a 3.5 inch knotch on each corner. This golf screen then features 3 inch sleeves on all 4 sides. The golf screen is designed to wraps around our exclusive 14 inch deep freestanding golf screen frame.
NEED HELP and IDEAS on setting up a golf impact screen? WE ARE THE GOLF SCREEN EXPERTS
In planning to install a golf screen take into consideration the following factors:
1) SIZE OF GOLF SCREEN AREA. Measure the length, width and height of the area you want to put your golf screen into. Your height should be at least 8 1/2-9 ft with 10 ft ideal. Any golf impact screen less that 8 ft high can be too short to catch wedge shots. If your building a golf cage or golf simulator enclosure, the screen is typically 8-12 inches smaller than the golf frame. This allow room to pull the golf impact screen tight. We do have a freestanding golf frame that the golf impact screen is the same size as the golf frame. Your room width should be a minimum of 10 ft. The depth to swing in a golf simulator should be at least 10-12 ft deep. You typically stand 7-9 ft from golf impact screen.
2) GOLF IMPACT SCREEN SETUP. There are a number of ways to hang a golf impact screen. The golf screen can be hung in a cage with support on all 4 sides. The impact screen can be mounted on a wall ( like a picture frame ). The golf screen can be hung with a pole running across the top and bottom. Then the golf screen is hung from the ceiling and draped on floor. The golf impact screen can be built into a golf enclosure screen frame. For the best results, a golf screen should be supported on all 4 sides. That?s why our standard golf impact screen is our best seller. The golf screen hanging version is ideal for temporary setups. The downside is there is no support on the sides of the golf screen. This can create wrinkles and waves in the golf screen.
3) GOLF SCREEN MATERIAL. All of our golf screen material is made right here in the USA and carries a 6 month limited warranty. Cutting and sewing on all of our golf impact screens are done in house. We do not subcontract our golf screen manufacturing. This allows us to maintain high quality standards and allows us to do custom golf screen design and sizes. Supertex is our residential golf screen material that is extremely durable and projects an outstanding HD image. 80% of residential golf screens are supertex. Our poly golf screen material is designed for commercial applications. The downside of the poly golf screen material is it has a ? slight grain? to it, so the image is not quite as crisp as the supertex golf screen. If you want a commercial screen that can take a lot of play, go with the Polyester. Both golf impact screens can take a real golf ball and carry a 6 month warranty.
4) GOLF SCREEN INSTALLATION All of our golf impact screens attach with either our patent pending sleeve system or sewn in straps. Our sleeve system utilizes a built in sleeve. A padded pvc pipe slides into sleeve, then a adjustable strap wraps around the pvc pipe and attaches to the golf frame. The benefits of this golf screen design is 1) All the tension is on pvc pipe, not the golf screen fabric. This allow the screen to last longer and not be subjected to excess tension and pulling on the material. 2) The pvc builds a nice smooth and straight edge around the golf impact screen. 3) We hang our golf screens with adjustable straps, not elastic ball bungees. This makes our golf impact screens 100% adjustable to increase and decrease tension to prevent ball bounce back.
5) GOLF SCREEN DURABILTY We strongly recommend a net or panel behind your golf impact screen to increase the life of your screen . We sell golf net panels ( 10,12 and 15 ft ), nylon panels that can be custom sized and padded pads to deaden noise . These install directly behind your golf screen and are a wise investment to add years to your golf simulator screen.
6) SIDE WALLS AND TOP. When designing a golf simulator or golf screen enclosure, its important to take into account errant shots and high wedge shots that may miss your golf screen. We sell golf enclosures with no side walls and top or 2,3,4,5 and 10 ft side walls and top. Keep in mind that you typically stand 7-9 ft from your golf screen, so some side wall are always recommended. We can even do retractable curtains for your golf screen frame.
7) CHINESE GOLF SCREENS **BEWARE !** We have noticed a few Chinese golf screen manufacturers selling cheap golf screens on and amazon. These golf screens are nothing more than a stiff bed sheet and wont last much longer than a round of golf. They offer a warranty on their Chinese made golf screens, but what they wont tell you is that you have to send the impact screen back to China for inspection at your cost. That will run you another 60-80 dollars just to ship the golf screen back! Then wait 2 more months to get a new golf screen. Don?t get scammed.
CUSTOM GOLF IMPACT SCREEN DESIGN Spectrum Golf can design and build a custom golf screen to meet your exact specifications. Just click HERE to go to our custom design page. Fill out the form and we will do the rest. Since we manufacture right here in North Carolina, we can build your custom golf screen in as little as a week. Our Golf impact screens can be as high as 9 ft high and any length. We can incorporate velcro, straps, and grommets into any of our golf simulator screens. If you have an existing golf simulator, we can retrofit a golf screen for it as well.
GOLF SCREEN MATERIAL Supertex is our residential golf impact screen material that is extremely durable and projects an outstanding HD image. 80% of residential golf screens are supertex. Our poly golf screen material is designed for commercial applications. The downside of the poly golf screen material is it has a ? slight grain? to it, so the image is not quite as crisp as the supertex golf simulator screen. If you hit a lot of golf balls and are using the impact screen primarily for golf, then the poly golf screen might be best. If you want a commercial screen that can take a lot of play, go with the Polyester. We strongly recommend a net or panel behind the golf screen for added durability. Both golf impact screens can take a real golf ball and carry a 6 month warranty. Spectrum Golf is always here to help you with any questions you may have on golf screens, golf simulators and golf enclosures.
Shipping Details We charge a flat 19.95 to ship our screens in the 48 US states. Depending on the part of the country you are in, we will either use USPS priority mail or Standard UPS ground. All orders are shipped out within 2 business days. Tracking will be entered into Ebay, once the order has shipped. If you are in Canada, Alaska or Hawaii, email us for rates. We do participate in the Ebay global shipping Program.   Payment Details
On eBay we only accept Paypal.
Make sure your shipping address is correct and verified before you checkout.
Return Policy No returns are accepted on any of our screens unless damaged in shipment. Please report any damages within 5 days of receipt. If you purchase the wrong size or type, we will exchange. Customer is responsible for all shipping charges. Contact us for details.
All of our screens come with a limited 6 month warranty. The screen must be properly installed and have netting or panel behind it. Contact us for a copy of our warranty. A copy of the warranty is included with each order. GOLF SIMULATORS Copyright 2019© Golf Simulators

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